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Client Feedback

January 2019

You helped me 16 months ago … I have now been successfully breast feeding for 16 months and it's been an incredible journey. Thank you for literally saving me, because I was so close to giving up on breast feeding.

January 2019
I wanted to say thank you thank you thank you! … at 10 weeks … all breast feeding and it's soo beautiful. If it was not for you we may be in a different space.

29 September

You are so great at what you do. You made me feel very comfortable and confident.

22 September

Thank you very much for your visit yesterday and for the information in your email.  I found it really helpful.

7 September

I felt like I got some great tips from you and am more confident moving forward now. 

12 June

Our baby was born prematurely so Sally helped establish breastfeeding by making hospital and home visits. It was so good to have an expert to guide us and Sally was very helpful and caring.

27 April

I'm so glad I saw Sally when I did (my daughter was 7 weeks), she gave me the tools to get my feeding back on track. There is so much information publicly available but it was most helpful to sit down one on one. Thank you Sally!

27 December
Sally was very helpful and friendly and gave great handy hints and tips

2 December
Sally was outstanding … friendly and knowledgeable … excellent in every way

21 July
Sally was so caring and helpful. What started as a very stressful breastfeeding experience where our daughter wouldn't feed, resulted in a successful year long of breastfeeding which was also beautiful bonding time during her first year. Thank you so much Sally, we have told our friends about you!

4 April
Sally was very knowledgeable and helpful

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