Feeding Cues

Demand or 'baby led' feeding is recommended unless there is a medical complication. It is important to have baby nearby so that the early feeding cues can be recognised. Always ensure that baby's nappy is clean and dry before and after feeding.

Sometimes baby will feed frequently then have a longer sleep than usual before waking to feed again. Don't be alarmed! Always look at the big picture - over a twenty-four hour period, before becoming concerned that baby is either feeding too often or not often enough. Babies feed about eleven times a day during the first six months. That is almost every two hours!

Early cues:

  • Stirring

  • Eye movement under closed eyelids

  • Mouth open

  • Fingers around mouth and face

  • Turning head and searching from side to side

Mid cues:

  • Sucking on fists

  • Sucking on bedclothes

  • Increased movement

  • Increased alertness

  • Making noises

Late cues:

  • Crying

  • Becoming agitated

  • Turning red​ 

Once the 'late cue' stage is reached it will be necessary to sooth baby before offering the breast. Cuddling and skin-to-skin should prove calming. 

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